Walk through these 10 upstate New York neighborhoods.


New York has many big big cities and small towns and villages. And within these small towns are wonderful neighborhoods. Here are ten favorites

These neighborhoods are easily accessible on foot and you will learn a lot. Some offer guided tours, others offer information for self– walking tours, and some even offer details for driving tours. All are fascinating.

These ten neighborhoods are the perfect way to spend an afternoon when visiting these places. And, oh the things you will see and learn.

How about the neighborhood which still has many 300 year old stone houses! Yes, you read that right, 300 years! Or, how about a neighborhood that was expressly created for the “Wizards of GE”, in Schenectady. More engineering and science patents have come out of this neighborhood than any other I can think of. And the first lit houses in the city! Or how about an old Hudson River neighborhood filled with art galleries, exciting restaurants, great museums, wonderful festivals, and (drum roll, please) a place where you can take an original vintage streetcar ride to the edge of the Hudson River.

These are must-haves if you’re ever in town. Stop, walk around, and you’re sure to come away thinking, “Now that was fascinating!”

Stroll Through These 10 Upstate Neighborhoods and Discover the Fun and History

Upstate New York has a cornucopia of large cities and towns. And in many of these places you can find amazing walking areas. Here are ten of the best. They encompass neighborhoods that are home to some of the most beautiful homes you’ll see, famous sites where history was made, and you’ll learn little-known facts about the state of these neighborhoods (people living in stone houses 300 years old? Really?)

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