UNC deputy wonders if T&T is on the verge of bankruptcy


Couva South MP Rudranath Indarsingh wonders if the government has the funds to continue running the country.

Indarsingh released a statement on Thursday noting that his concerns stem from a range of issues that have come to light recently.

This includes protests by the Immigration Division that led to long queues at Piarco International Airport on Tuesday night for unpaid overtime as well as comments by Public Works Minister Rohan Sinanan who said that the administration lacked funds to repair all the roads in the country.

Indarsingh said government officials should clearly articulate the country’s economic situation.

He said, “When a country cannot pay civil servants for routine services, we have to ask ourselves about the economic situation of that country. We have to ask Dr Keith Rowley, Minister Rohan Sinanan and Minister Fitzgerald Hinds if Trinidad and Tobago is close to bankruptcy. If we don’t have money to pay basic salaries, then where did our money go?”

The United National Congress (UNC) deputy also said the Immigration Division’s protest action was rooted in the government’s failure to handle the negotiations in a healthy way. Furthermore, he condemned the administration for its treatment of the unions.

He said: ‘We have seen many times where the government sidesteps majority unions on issues that require input from those unions, and instead opts to engage in a politically self-interested modus operandi of talking to whoever they want to talk to. No wonder, then, that immigration officials protested, like so many other groups and citizens, against this administration.”

Meanwhile, he called on Minister Sinanan to explain why there are not enough funds to repair the T&T road network.

He said, “After billions of dollars [were] allocated to the public works and transportation portfolio over the past seven years of this government, this country needs to ask Minister Sinanan where did these billions of taxpayer dollars go? »


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