There is a complete bankruptcy of ideas and inefficiency, says Hardik Patel as he exits Congress


Hardik Patel said he has yet to decide whether to join the BJP, but said if people in Gujarat have chosen a “particular party” over the past 30 years, they must see something good in it.

While maintaining that he has yet to decide whether or not to join the Bharatiya Janata party, Gujarat fire chief Hardik Patel has said that while the people of the state choose a “particular party” over the Last 30 years, they must have seen something good there.

Addressed exclusively to, the 28-year-old who led a massive reservation movement said the BJP had managed to win elections in the state for the past three decades. ”We have to accept reality. The party must have done something right to be chosen multiple times,” Patel said.

During the Aam Aadmi party’s foray into the state, the Patidar leader said each party has the democratic right to contest where they see fit, but ultimately it will be the people who decide what is good for them . “Each party has a plan, a vision. But, ultimately, the people will decide,” said Patel, who recently left Congress.

Indicating that he will remain relevant in the current political scenario, the young leader said he will continue to travel vigorously across the state to reach out to the people. “I have traveled 4,000 villages lately and will continue to do so. We have managed to get our due after the turmoil in reservations and I will continue to work tirelessly for the youth of the state,” a- he declared.

The former Congress leader argued that election campaigns will revolve around youth. “I have always fought for young people and I hope we will hold a place in the minds of young people,” he said.

Asked about his recent statements on the Ayodhya Ram temple, which indicated a leaning towards the BJP, Patel commented, “I spoke in favor of the Ram Mandir even when I was in Congress. I supported the repeal of Section 370 even when I was in Congress. Tomorrow, if I join another party, I will congratulate Indira Gandhi again for being a strong leader. I don’t hide or camouflage my opinion.”

Trash reports that he left Congress upset with the party trying to woo Naresh Patel, prominent Patidar representative of Saurashtra, Hardik Patel said only weak leaders felt threatened. “If I could convince the party to bring in young leaders like Jignesh Mevani and Kanhaiya Kumar, should I feel threatened by a 55-year-old man? Only the weak fear competition. It doesn’t matter who joins, but when you don’t allow a 28-year-old to work, how are you going to allow a 55-year-old to perform?” he said.

Patel continued to spit fire at Congress, claiming the party had all but lapsed. “I had never sought a position in the party. What I had been looking for was work. It will be the only party in the country where you look for work but the leaders refuse to entertain you. There is a complete bankruptcy of ideas and inefficiency,” he said.

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