The accused Oxford High School shooter is expected to plead guilty to all 24 counts at Monday’s hearing


OAKLAND COUNTY, Mich. – Oxford High School shooter charged Ethan Crumbley is expected to plead guilty at a hearing on Monday, which would mean a trial is highly unlikely.

The Oakland County Attorney’s Office clarified on Friday that the expectation is the accused oxford high school shooter will plead guilty to 24 counts on Monday.

  • A leader of terrorism causing death;

  • Four counts of first degree murder;

  • Seven counts of assault with intent to murder; and

  • 12 counts of possession of a firearm in the commission of a felony.

No deal has been offered at this time and there is no sentencing agreement.

“I think for families and the community as a whole, not having to go through the trials and tribulations of a real trial, to go through producing and viewing evidence and all kinds of things that come with that and then the trauma that would come with that, I think it’s very, very small but nonetheless a small blessing,” said Mike Bouchard, Oakland County Sheriff.

Crumbley faces the full brunt of what all of these charges bring, one of which is a sinister step.

“I think this would be the first time in a school shooting context, at least in the state of Michigan, where someone is going to be convicted on a terrorism count,” the statement said. legal expert George Donnini.

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If everything goes as planned on Monday, what will that mean for the case against her parents? Prosecutors argue the parents put him on the path that led to the shooting.

With his guilty plea and conviction, could Crumbley be called as a witness either for his parents or against them?

“If he pleads guilty, maybe there will be a later trial if they go to trial, he could be called as a witness,” Donnini said.

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If things go as planned, the judge will want to hear from the shooter himself and ask him to explain why he agreed to plead and his thoughts on his actions.

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