The 30 best action movies of the 2010s, ranked


Since arriving in Hollywood in 2000, star Hugh Jackman has been inextricably linked to the role of Wolverine, the bitter, adamantium-clawed mutant he played in his first major Hollywood studio, “X-Men.” Nearly 20 years later, having reprized the role in five more “X-Men” movies and two solo spin-offs, he was finally ready to say goodbye. The result was 2017’s “Logan,” a superhero story like no other, which saw Jackman paired with “3:10 to Yuma” director James Mangold in a gritty and violent story loosely adapted from the hit comic book series “Old Man Logan”. .”

The epic Swan Song sees Logan’s eponymous aging beyond repair, his renowned healing factor failing him. Hiding in the desert, he tends to an ailing Professor Xavier (Patrick Stewart), remaining isolated from those who still hunt mutants. But when he meets a mysterious young mutant named Laura (Daphne Keen), whose powers seem eerily similar to his own, he reluctantly agrees to protect her from a group of mercenaries who are looking for her.

An emotionally powerful story of faith, family and forgiveness, “Logan” is the haunting story of one man’s final quest to find meaning in life and perhaps death. Making his final appearance as Wolverine, Jackman poured his heart into the role and the results are all on screen, helping to make “Logan” the highest rated and most critically acclaimed in the universe of Fox’s “X-Men” movies.


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