Sumter School District’s quarantine policy for siblings ‘doesn’t make sense’, says parent of twins; a ‘close contact’ of a ‘close contact’ can still attend school, per CDC


With twins at Pocalla Springs Elementary School, Bridget Conyers says she’s in a tough spot with one kid in quarantine and the other still in school.

After contact tracing of a positive COVID-19 case in Pocalla Springs on Thursday, school officials called Conyers and said her son Mason should be quarantined because he was determined to be a “contact narrow”, but not his daughter Charli.

The 8-year-olds are not in the same class and Charli has been determined not to be a “close contact” of the positive case at school.

In the storyline, Charli is essentially a “close contact” of a “close contact,” and under current Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines, she’s considered a “third-party contact” and can continue in school, while mom watches her. state.

Before he can return to Pocalla Springs after a 10-day period, Mason must test negative for COVID-19, but Conyers said if he tests positive, the policy seems counterproductive.

“Great if it’s negative, but what if it’s positive?” she said. “Then, in the meantime, because Charli hasn’t been quarantined either, so she takes the germs to school and nobody knows.”

Fortunately, Mason’s COVID-19 test on Friday was negative, Conyers said, but many parents in the district are in a similar situation if they have siblings.

“It’s a very close contact to be in the same household,” she said. “That does not make any sense.”

A district spokeswoman said the district continues to ask all parents to monitor their child’s condition daily and not send them to school if they are sick.

As of Monday afternoon, the district had 1,347 students in quarantine, including positive COVID-19 cases, according to its COVID-19 dashboard, but its largest school — Sumter High School — had not entered any data. It was the only school not to include data in the district dashboard.


Sumter’s new public charter school, Liberty STEAM Charter School, had 48 students — or two classes — in quarantine Monday afternoon, according to chief of staff Trevor Ivey. That’s 25% of Liberty’s total enrollment of 192 students. In its first year and located at 15 School St., Liberty has nine total classes this fall.


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