Student quarantines in Sumter district have fallen to around 1%; COVID-19 trends continue to decline steadily across SC


As new COVID-19 cases continue to decline in South Carolina, the same story goes for the Sumter School District.

After registering 47 new cases of the virus among students and staff and ordering the quarantine of 324 students in week 11 of the school, the district registered 32 cases of COVID-19 and quarantined 173 students last week, according to data released Wednesday.

The number of cases and the total of around 40 students were once again the lowest weekly counts for these indicators this school year. Since early October, new cases and quarantines in the district have seen steady and significant drops. The total of 173 quarantined students represents about 1% of the district’s enrollments.

Of the 32 cases last week, 28 were students and four were staff.

The district continues to use desktop screens extensively, and a mask mandate for all students and staff has been in effect for about five weeks.

Additionally, since late September, South Carolina has seen a significant drop in the number of new COVID-19 cases. As of Wednesday, there were 352 total confirmed and probable coronavirus cases in the state, according to the state Department of Health and Environmental Control. This is down from 3,242 on September 21.

During quarantine, students receive online education.

The 173 students quarantined over the seven days from Oct. 30 to Nov. 5, representing week 12, have return dates that can go from Tuesday to early next week if they don’t develop any symptoms of COVID- 19. Only three students quarantined last week became a positive virus case and – as directed – their quarantine cycles restarted after being identified.


Sumter County freshman public charter school Liberty STEAM has no students or staff this week as virus or “close contact” quarantine cases, says head of state -Major Trevor Ivey.

Over the past month, Liberty has achieved near perfect scores on cases and quarantines, given its mitigation strategies, Ivey said. During the last week of October, two Liberty students were quarantined as “close contacts” and went to virtual education, he added.

Liberty opened on August 9 as a K-1 school, serving 192 students with approximately 25 on-site staff at South Sumter School.


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