Storytime at the Texas Air & Space Museum in Amarillo


First off, I know I’m late in the fact that I didn’t even know we had a Texas Air & Space Museum here in Amarillo. How did I not know? I asked a colleague if he knew. It made me feel even worse because he not only knew that he had been there.

So I have a task. I have to go and check it out. The museum is located near Rick Husband International Airport. You can find it at 10001 American Drive here in Amarillo. So now that I know it’s something, the next thing is they’ve got a story along with a lot of other great stuff.

credit: Texas Air & Space Museum

From their Facebook page:

One of our teachers loves to read to the younger ones, so bring your Kido’s to Texas Air and Space Museum Story Time and enjoy a nice little story read to your kids, and let them see some historical artifacts to maybe stimulate their imaginations in aviation and history. don’t forget the MatchBox cars for track racing that the kids will have fun with and don’t tell them that but they can learn a bit of history along the way.

During the visit, children will be able to touch and board real planes. How cool is that? Oh and all kid’s dreams come true. It’s worth the trip in itself.

So if you want to take your child to a fun event that will teach them a thing or two, now is the time to do it. One hour of storytelling and a visit to the museum. It’s funny.

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