Should Stanford change head coaches?


After taking Stanford’s football program to new heights, David Shaw found himself in the midst of what could be his fourth losing season in five years.

A program at Stanford that once reigned supreme is now seen as a staple in a conference they once reigned over the regular. The Cardinal is nursing his wounds after his last loss, which completely embarrassed them by Washington State 52-14. There were clear signs of frustration from the players on the pitch, so one can only imagine their frustrations behind closed doors.

The program’s struggles have been much discussed about whether or not to make a change, and Athlon Sports’ Steve Godfrey is the latest to jump on the David Shaw bus. At least, sort of. Godfrey detailed that despite Stanford’s struggles, Shaw will be the one to determine his own future saying:

It’s never been harder to compete as a “smart school” in the changing landscape of college football. Programs like Stanford are crippled in the age of the transfer portal because admissions standards can’t keep up with the free agency atmosphere in sports. The Cardinal were blown out by Wazzu 52-14 last weekend, their sixth loss in eight games that extends a 14-25 slip for David Shaw since the program’s last (non-Covid) winning season in 2018. Stanford hasn’t found a way to replicate its success in developing talents like Andrew Luck, Bryce Love, Kevin Hogan and Christian McCaffery in recent seasons, and in the meantime the Pac-12 North has become a more competitive top division. downstairs.

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He went on to say:

Still, Shaw can write his ticket to Palo Alto after guiding the program to three conference titles, four New Year‘s Bowls and winning the Rose twice. If any change happens here, it will be on Shaw’s terms, and given how many times he’s skipped other jobs, he’s almost certainly headed for some sort of leadership position on campus.

The program is in an extremely difficult situation in terms of what to do with Shaw. Obviously, the product on the pitch hasn’t been up to par lately, but Shaw has been able to bring in some talented recruiting classes over the past few seasons. He is also the most successful coach the program has ever seen. Maybe Shaw will get the chance to hire some new staff, or maybe it’s too late for that.

There must have been a decision made behind closed doors, at least in the process of being made, because nothing in Stanford’s last three games will show us anything different than what we’ve already seen. This coaching market is far from the caliber of last season, but there are some respectable young names, Kenny Dillingham (Oregon OC), Garret Riley (TCU OC), or even Dan Mullen (former Florida coach), among others . The only problem Stanford now faces is the fact that if they do choose to replace Shaw, finding a replacement to convince to come to a school without access to the transfer portal can be difficult. On the contrary, there are probably untapped NIL offers that could be available to players. It also helps that Stanford has long been able to recruit with their incredible academic presence, it’s just a matter of finding someone who can recruit as well as Shaw while producing a better product.

It’s never easy to call someone’s job, especially when they’re as nice as Coach Shaw was. However, unless there is a legitimate effort to change his staff, the writing may be on the wall.


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