Results of the special election of May 3, 2022


Clarkston Republican Mike Harris will complete the term of the late Rep. Andrea Schroeder.

Harris beat Waterford Democrat Kent Douglas in Tuesday’s election, 7,583 (56.52%) to 5,799 (43.22%). Thirty-five voters chose to write on behalf of a candidate, but no one was registered as an official candidate in writing. A total of 13,417 voters turned out in the special election for the 43rd House District.

Harris will serve until January 1, 2023.

The 43rd District includes the Township of Waterford, the Town of Lake Angelus, the Village of Clarkston and the Township of Independence.

Next year, these communities will belong to House District 52, along with Lake Angelus and White Lake. Harris has already declared that he is running for that seat. His opponent is Waterford Democrat Robin McGregor.

Rep. Schroeder, 57, died in office Oct. 1, 2021, after being diagnosed with stomach cancer.

In Pontiac, where nine charter commission seats were decided, 14,123 voters cast ballots.

Unofficial results for candidates whose names appeared on the ballot: Kermit Williams, 1,977 (14.00%); Tameka Ramsey, 1,929 (13.66%); Scott Stewart, 1,645 (11.65%); Jose Ybarra III, 1,622 (11.48%); Norbert Burrows, 1,603 (11.35%); Bryan E. Killian, 1,594 (11.29%).

Voters also cast 3,753 votes for the write-in candidates: Jacqueline L. Briggs; Randolph Randy Carter; Leona R. Ferron-Patterson; Gil Garrett; Jarobe Dashawn Murph; Lucy Rene Payne; DelLisa Marlene Powell; Bobette Alesia Rodriguez; Bruce Edward Turpin; Donald Wayne Watkins. Vote totals for registered candidates will not be announced until after Wednesday’s canvassing ends. Legally, the registry has two weeks to certify the vote.

The county canvassers board will meet on Wednesday to review each write-in ballot to ensure that each is a legitimate vote for people who have applied to be write-in nominees.

Provisional results for other voting questions:


Voters approved the Holly Area School District’s $97 million bond proposal for the second phase of the district’s master plan, 2,033 (55.85%) to 1,607 (44.15%).

This bond money would pay for new buildings, including a college; construction trades training; and a restroom/concession/athletic storage building.

The district’s plan for that money includes renovating buildings; obtain or replace furniture and equipment, as well as re-equip school facilities; and new teaching technology and related equipment. Playgrounds, sports fields, sports facilities and other sites would be developed for new buildings and renovated for older buildings.

The full plan is online:

Berkley voters overwhelmingly approved the mileage renewal for Berkley schools, 3,339 (86.37%) to 527 (13.63%). This is a renewal of 19.4937 mills over 10 years for businesses and non-primary residences. This funds school supplies, teacher salaries and technology. District officials have indicated that only 18 mills will be used.

Of the 1,662 Clawson voters who voted for the 3.7 million eight-year renewal, 932 (56.02%) approved and 731 (43.98%) disapproved. This mileage generates approximately $1.6 million annually to fund police, fire, public works, operations, and other existing city services.

The Warren Consolidated Schools $150 million bond issue included two Oakland County precincts, Troy’s 24 and 25. Those voters approved the measure, 349 (69.38%) to 154 (30.62%) votes “Nope”. those votes will be added to the Macomb County precinct results, which had not been released as of 10:30 p.m. Tuesday.

This money will be used to buy buses, redevelop school buildings, sports grounds, playgrounds and build other facilities. Changes include new security, energy conservation (replacement of heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment); purchase and new educational technologies and related equipment and facilities in school buildings and other facilities:

A total of 25,754 ballots were cast, representing 13.53% of the 190,361 registered voters in 85 constituencies.

The next election in Oakland County is a primary on August 2, 2022. Details are online at the County Clerk’s website:


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