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When recording deeds, the state of North Carolina does not require that the amount paid for a package be shown on the deed. However, a revenue stamp at the rate of $2 per $1,000 of value is affixed to each deed.

Recent property transfers recorded at the Surry County Deeds Registry Office include:

– Waffle House, Inc. to the North Carolina State Department of Transportation and the State of North Carolina; highway right-of-way deed; $76.

– Dollar Tree Stores, Inc. to the State of North Carolina, the State of North Carolina and the Department of Transportation; highway right-of-way deed; $106.

– Stephen Bass and Jessica Bass to Robert A. Alten and Shannon M. Alten; Rockford tracts; $590.

– Ashton L. Puckett Irrevocable Special Needs Trust, Brent W. Stephens and Ashton L. Puckett to Andrew Hembree and April Hembree; 0.56 acres U.S. Highway 601 Business; $484.

– Robert D. Lilley and Yonette Lilley to Lee J. Hadfield and Arelis M. Hadfield; lot one of 10.136 acres and lot two of 13.58 acres and lot three of 3.518 acres; $678.

– Anthony Critcher and Lorie K. Bolick to Christian Paul Ercolani and Andrew George Weyl; 25,589 acres; $360.

– Mary Lou Snow and Robert E. Snow at Gardenia Gray Properties, LLC; 0.4593 acre Longhill; $50.

– Joseph Williams to Julianna Burtoff; deed of commissioners; $316.

– Kayleigh Annie Draur and Kayleigh Annie Elizabeth Carrick to Matthew Wyatt Dalton; parcel one parcel two 0.51 acres Dobsonian; $320.

– Barbara Sechrist Tilley and Glenn R. Tilley Jr. to Chelsea Amilee Tilley and Jonathan Eric Tilley; 2,427 acres of shoals; $160.

– Kayla Simpson to Christopher Sloop and Ingle Armstrong Sloop; 3,183 acres PB 17 23; $230.

– Fernando Endriga and Katherine Endriga to Susan Abbigail Endriga; lots 11-16 block B CH Stanliff property PB 3 183 Mount Airy; $280.

– Preston E. Hill to Christopher Sloop and Ingle Armstrong Sloop; 0.823 acre PB 40,128; $10.

– Berit Bowman to Ashley Jones and James Jones; 5.5 acres Stewarts Creek; $36.

– Berit Bowman to Benjamin Bowman; parcel 1 8.01 acres PB 8 96 and parcel 2 parcel 1 4.5 acres and parcel 2 5.75 acres Mount Airy; $0.

– John W. Steffy and Barbara A. Steffy to Emily Schiff and Andrew Shiff; lot 5 of the Rivermont Estates development PB 17 1-5 Mount Airy; $652.

– Nancy J. Duncan to Ninth Colonial Investments, LLC; tract one lot 3 and part of lot 4 block 22 and tract two lots 12-14 block 17 PB 1,204 Elkin; $1,320.

– Carlene H. Galyean, Virginia H. Galyean and Virginia Carlene Galyean to Carlene H. Galyean and Donald Keith Galyean; tract one 20,075 square feet and tract two lot 1 section Millerode Forest Mount Airy subdivision; $0.

– Merlin V, LLC to Nain Armenta Rodriguez and Norma Alicia Ojeda; Parcel One Lots 1-4 and Parcel Two Lots 91-95 Block A Crestwood Acres Development PB 4,189 Pilot; $30.

– Sandra Farley Nichols to Zachary Lineback; lot 21 section 7 Oakwood Estates PB 6 131 Stewarts Creek; $410.

– Carolyn Lipe Comer to Carolyn Lipe Comer, Thomas R. Comer and John L. Comer; part of lots 7-10 Hendrix Estate Elkin; $5.

– Gregory D. Nichols and Reta G. Nichols to Gregory D. Nichols, Reta G. Nichols, Justin Davis Nichols and James Brandon Nichols; six Dobson tracts; $0.

– Estate of Rex Harold William Johnson, Charles R. Briggs, Rex Harold William Johnson, Brenda Davidson and Dean Johnson to Clint McCann, Clinton McCann and Jamie McCann; commissioners deed 16,161 acres tract two PB 39,199 Bryan estate of Rex Harold William Johnson file 22 E SP 19; $143.

– Joseph Walters to Jerry Michael Badgett and Lowanda Shaw Badgett; area one 1,073 acres area two 1,015 acres PB 33 54 Mount Airy; $60.

– Kenneth W. Ross and Letitia Renee Ross at PQA Healthcare Inc.; a 1.58 acre parcel and a 1.00 acre Dobson parcel; $330.

– Estate of Lavonna M. Fleming, Donald Terry Fleming, Teresa Chilton Fleming, Darwin Wydell Fleming, Lynn McDuffie Fleming, Leslie Dwayne Fleming and Robert Gale Fleming at Crystal Simmons Hill; unit 3B Old Springs Condominiums bk 1 42-47 Mount Airy Estate of Lavonna M. Fleming file 22 E 309; $410.

– Betty T. Cox, BJTR Cox, John I. Ring, Jennifer R. Bryant, Betty Jo Thore Ring and Matthew J. Hiatt to Matthew J. Hiatt; lot 24 White Plains Acres PB 6 80; $110.

– Linda E. Goins to Mark A. Branch and Deborah C. Branch; 0.841 acres PB 40 190 Blue Hollow Road Westfield; $10.

– Coy Lee Atkins to Brian Gammons and Andi Gammons; 1.01 acres 2036 Ararat Eldora Road; $1.

– City of Mount Airy to Joshua B. Eleva; Lot 6 Graves Heights Development PB 3,158 Mount Airy; $4.

– City of Mount Airy to Joshua B. Eleva; Lot 16 Block C Westwood PB Development 6 28 Mount Airy; $9.

– Jo Ann Ahrens and Joann J. Ahrens to Vanessa Catalan Spicer and Dakota E. Spicer; lots 64-67 sections N&W Hendrix estate PB 3 84 Elkin; $200.

– James Michael Simmons Jr. and Linda Simmons to Darriene Freeman and Edward S. Loosli; two leaflets; $300.

– Terry Robert Hawks and Lisa Holder Hawks in Monte Cockerham and Danielle Cockerham; 1,970 acres tract four PB 16 5 Mount Airy; $670.

– Linda L. Elder to Kelly Gentry and Chris Gentry; Elkin tract; $0.

– John McBride and Brittany McBride to Vicki Marie Hintz and Michael Hintz; 1 acre Lot One and Mount Airy Lot Two; $408.

– Jerry Gordon and Sharon Gordon to James Robert Kyser and Angela Kyser; 2.00 acres lot 2 PB 37,140 Pilot; $189.

– John M. Snow and Idalina Snow to Timothy Ellis Parker; 2.00 acres of Mount Airy; $900.

– Ricky Dwayne Hawks and Adina Hardy Hawks at RLGJJBoles Properties, LLC; 0.80 acres Mount Airy; $344.

– Chelsea Bartlett Wheeler, Brent Wheeler, Amanda Smith Cook and Christopher Cook to Karsten Kilgo Andersen and Brenda Kilgo Andersen; leaflet; $857.


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