Real estate transactions in the eastern suburbs of Pittsburgh for the week of February 27, 2022



The Estate of Marylyn Knolle sold the property at 2525 Greensburg Pike Apt 305 to Andrea Bullock for $180,000.

Aaron Billger has sold a property at 2416 Marbury Road to Paul Jeffrey and Gail Elizabeth Roup for $482,085.


Brian Henry sold the property at 1220 E End Ave. to Brian Wallace for $335,000.

wooded hills

Joseph Shaulis sold a property at 307 Overdale Road to Joseph Shaulis for $88,171.

Sara Cappetta has sold a property at 224 Sharon Drive in Ganpath Karl for $187,000.


Charles Kubit’s estate sold the property at 206 Alpine Village Drive to Christopher Renaldi and Elizabeth Kubit for $131,000.

Administrator David Sauers sold the property at 217 Alpine Village Drive to Rebecca Vickery for $179,900.

Gordon Sauers Jr. sold the property at 311 Altaview Drive to Valerie Beth Gregory for $196,000.

Pharoah Carol has sold a property at 531 Firethorn Drive to Homestead Horizons LLC for $80,000.

Arlene Rattan has sold a property at 1333 Foxwood Drive to Richard and Melissa Mishler for $251,000.

SJ Group LLC has sold a property at 774 Illini Drive to Brittanii Hess for $169,000.

Administrator Edward Ragan sold the property at 285 Lilac Drive to David and Danielle Hysong for $138,000.

Forrest Blackburn has sold a property at 4441 Marywood Drive to Vincent and Erika Bouma for $269,000.

Richard Charles sold the property at 3792 Northern Pike to William and Kathleen Lantz for $145,900.

Vincent Palmieri has sold a property at 417 Olten Road to Bradleigh Neal for $195,000.

Amanda Jamison sold the property at 108 Rockwood St. to trustee Robert Zafaras for $155,000.

Ashley Wilson has sold a property at 322 St. Moritz Drive to Zachary Reed and Kayla Uhlig for $180,000.

Robert Barnes sold a property at 1180 St. Vincent Drive to James David Kovach Jr. and Susan Annette Kovach for $187,000.

James Wardzinski sold the property at 767 Shaw Ave. to AUX Funding LLC for $47,500.

Grady Huggins has sold a property at 437 Valley View Drive to Jacob Luis and Jose Luis Ruiz for $172,500.

David Hovav sold the property at 242 Willow Drive to Tevin Ray for $159,900.


Thomas Dinnin sold the property at 739 Eighth St. to Jacob and Desa G Silbaugh for $481,000.

Matthew Shirley has sold a property at 30 Allegheny Ave. to Robert and Christina Marie Bartoldi for $490,000.

Brooks & Blair Homes Oakmont LLC has sold a property at 9 Allegheny Ave. to Matthew and Meghan Shirley for $906,275.

Administrator Patrick King sold the property at 221 College Ave. to Anthony Greco for $450,000.

Justine Russo has sold a property at 47 New London Ln to Nathaniel and Michelle Bogaty for $132,500.

no Buddys Business LLC has sold the property at 15 Potomac St. to KT Partners LLC for $185,000.

Penn Hills

Nikea Williams sold the property at 11418 Althea Drive to Nikea Williams for $20,972.

Joan Kleinhenz has sold a property at 110 Briarwood Drive to Penrose Properties LLC for $50,000.

Habitat For Humanity For Greater PGH sold the property at 246 Calmar Drive to Rccia Saunders for $143,000.

Neima Isaac has sold a property at 201 Charleston Drive to VB One LLC for $117,500.

Theresa Gentzler has sold a property at 10814 Frankstown Road to Triple Alpha Heights LLC for $50,000.

Brian Protho sold the property at 247 Golden Gate Drive to Diversified Residential Homes 2 LLC for $175,900.

The Estate of Robert Isherwood sold the property at 1 Heltzell Drive to Patrick and Renee Tassari for $35,000.

Andrew Baker has sold a property at 121 Hibiscus Drive to Natalie Stephens for $190,000.

John Odonnell sold a property at 2728 Jordan Ave. to Monique Gibson for $112,500.

Tremayne Butler has sold a property at 277 Knickerbocker Drive to Stacey Bell for $245,000.

Triple Alpha Heights LLC has sold a property at 8018 Lincoln Road to Brendan Slyman for $165,000.

The Estate of Kenneth Aichner sold the property at 714 Long Road to VB One LLC for $125,000.

Sergio Tammasino Tommasino sold the property at 1645 Loretta Drive to Domenique Vearnon for $150,000.

Robert Peterson sold the property at 210 Newfield Drive to Miguel and Flora Hierrezuelo for $82,000.

Diane Taylor has sold a property at 2044 Palm Ave. to Ebony Gaston for $120,000.

Danyel Campalong has sold a property at 425 Poe Drive to Abdul Raheem Al Hassan for $128,050.

Melissa Stein has sold a property at 6190 Poketa Road to Olivia Louttit for $129,900.

Erica Cesarina Drahusz has sold the property at 159 Quail Drive to RS Holdings 201 LLC for $50,000.

Christopher Long sold the property at 177 Rose Ave. to Coremax Investments LLC for $78,000.

Richard Yates sold a property at 1841 Universal Road to Ezzo Enterprises Co. for $280,000.

Robert Thomas sold a property at 215 University St. to A Perfect Home LLC for $33,000.


Robert Temple sold the property at 271 School St. to Aqua McCoy for $95,000.


Donna Pahel sold the property at 185 Chavelle Ct to Bryan and Francine Gulski for $385,000.

Justin Reck sold the property at 455 Crestview Drive to Nicole Sabatasso for $216,500.

Bonita Lavery has sold a property at 263 Darlan Hill Drive to Grady and Erin Huggins for $199,900.

Stephen Navari has sold a property at 330 Darlan Hill Drive to Natalie Steinberg for $76,383.

Adam Embry has sold a property at 510 Deborah Jane Drive to Brian Robert and Sarah Beatty for $230,000.

Thomas Coddington sold a property at 1534 Greensburg Road to Levelle Harold Rice Jr. and Lindsay Anne Rice for $349,000.

Zubin Teckchandani has sold a property at 855 Justine Drive to Justin Reck and Suzanne Gardner for $400,000.

The estate of Douglas James Lindsay sold the property at 134 Keystone St. to Hannah Marie Barnes for $150,000.

The estate of James Edward Perry Jr. sold the property at 215 Ligonier Ln to Virginia George for $254,000.

Keli Virsack has sold a property at 170 Ligonier Road to Skandha Singh for $125,000.

Showcase Properties Inc. sold the property at 125 Parkview Drive to Joseph Albert Dimaria Jr. and Bernadette Dimaria for $530,523.

The Estate of Ralph Keaton sold the property at 305 Repp Road to Michelle Moretti for $150,000.

Stephen Navari sold a property at 1015 Windy Oak Drive to Stephen Navari for $171,278.


Mindy Kart sold a property at 7004 Church St. to JBS Rental Associates LLC for $80,000.

Milton Yewfai Lum sold the property at 101 Longfellow Ct to Wai Ki Tracy Yu for $131,000.

3 Brothers Properties LLC has sold a property at 2320 Manor Ave. to Lena Jean Smth for $104,000.

Anna Orourke Perkins has sold a property at 7805 St. Lawrence Avenue to Cheryl Kiesel for $130,000.


Laura Cleary sold the property at 856 First St. to Robert Tomnay and Laura Cleary for $33,456.


Jeffrey Stagon has sold a property at 1426 Jefferson Heights Road to VB One LLC for $115,000.


Pearlina Story has sold a property at an unknown address to Best PGH LLC for $2,000.

Paul Brown Jr. has sold a property at 2100 Gilmore Ave. at Stanford David for $65,000.

C Squared Studio LLC has sold a property at 408 Hay St. to Arthur Donsky and Constance Cantor for $87,084.

WBG Investments LLC has sold a property at 1316 North Ave. to Fuli Liu and Yonghong Nie for $35,000.

Christopher March has sold a property at 1301 Walnut St. in Cansu Ozen for $140,000.

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