Only by Western strength can Putin be kept out of Ukraine


MR – Your photograph (February 7) of a re-enactment by a wartime women’s army society featured two middle-aged women. In fact, the majority were young, unattached and fit enough to cope with agricultural work.

Similarly, the bomber crews of the Royal Air Force were not middle-aged but mostly young men, some even teenagers.

Perhaps the re-enactment societies should attempt to recruit more young people to show the reality of their representation at the forefront of the war.

Ted shorter
Hildenborough, Kent

Wooden studs beat metal doors kissing each other

SIR – As a member of a volunteer group that regularly installs wooden posts at field boundaries, I was intrigued by Michele Platman’s plea for the posts to be replaced with metal barriers (Letters, 10 February).

Wooden stiles are inexpensive (unlike metal gates). In a one-mile walk through several fields, a walker might encounter five or six uprights.

A stile kit will include two treads, four stubs (short wooden posts to support the steps) and perhaps a 5ft post to use as a support next to the stile.

In my volunteer group, we were being asked by our local authority to repair, replace or install a stud that had been flagged to the council as requiring attention. The uprights do not have to be unusable, as a replacement is cheap and easy to install.

All a walker has to do is report the exact location of unusable uprights to the council trail manager (a photograph is helpful). Volunteers will replace the amount within seven days of receiving the details.

It must be remembered that the public rights of way are on private land cultivated by hard working farmers. As tempting as it may be, it is not possible to develop smooth and easily accessible paths for “less able-bodied hikers”.

Brian Smith
Gillingham, Kent

Housing for start-ups

SIR – British start-ups are held back by the high cost of housing and office space.

Talent is priceless in our most productive cities. Londoners spend nearly 40% of their income on rent. And, after paying a premium for talent due to rising housing costs, UK businesses are once again being penalized by some of the most expensive office rents in the world.

The UK has many assets for entrepreneurs: world-class universities, the financial center of London and the highest venture capital investment in Europe. But Berlin, Paris and Amsterdam are becoming more attractive as housing continues to become more expensive in London, Oxford and Cambridge. Silicon Valley is a cautionary tale, where the lack of housing has led to an exodus of founders and investors.

But there is reason to be optimistic. Simple tweaks to planning legislation could solve much of the problem. A new report from the Entrepreneurs Network outlines a series of reforms that could make millions of new homes available.

It is essential that the reforms are included in the next race-to-the-top bill. We urge Michael Gove, the Secretary of State for Levels, Housing and Communities, to seriously consider the pivotal role this bill could play.

Matt Clifford
entrepreneur first

emma jones
company nation

Simon Woodroffe
YO! Society

Philip Salter
Founder of the Entrepreneurs Network

Dr. Dylan Jones-Evans
Director, Enlli Associates

Andrew Dixon
Director, ARC InterCapital Ltd

Jessica Mendoza
CEO, Monadd

Dr. Cristiana Banila
Founder & CSO, Mitra Bio

John Hasard
Director EnviroMission Ltd

Cordelia Meacher
Managing Director, FieldHouse Associates

Lorraine Thomas
Founder, View from My Window

Anne-Laure Le Cunff
Founder, Ness Labs Ltd

Alex Hanson-Smith
Co-founder & CTPO, employment

Giovanna Forte
CEO, Forte Medical Limited

Maria Tanjala
FilmChain CEO

Marc Figueres
KeyNest Director

Simon Labahn
Co-founder and CEO, Spotlight

Richard Mabey
CEO, Juro

Pierre Francois
Co-Founder, Fluid Stack

Pink Tan
Founder, PlayThru

Lorna Armitage
Co-Founder and COO, CAPSLOCK

Erika Brodnock
CEO, Optimal Health

Maiko Schaffrath
Founder, Impact Hustlers

Sebastien Krier
Director, Dataphysix Ltd

Henry Whorwood
Head of Research and Consulting, Beauhurst

Co-founder, JDLT

Paul C.Cheshire
Professor of Economic Geography, London School of Economics

Sahil Seti
CEO, Maji

Aileen McDonnell
CEO, B4Box

Alison Surtes
Co-Founder, Future’s Venture

James Frewin
Founder, OCTOBER®

Elle Sharman
Founder, Swan

Jevan Nagarajah
Founder and CEO, Better Dairy

Camin McCluskey
Co-Founder and CTO, Telescope Analytics

Favor Mandanji Nyikosa
Co-founder and CTO, Augmize

Serdar Paktin
Founder, package

Dr. Filip Auksztol
CEO, Quantum Boost Ltd

Stuart Johnson
Founder and CTO, Simple Construction Software

Ashvin Prabaker
Founder, Stealth Startup

David Murray Hundley
Co-Founder and CEO, Pario Ventures

Ian Merrick
Managing Partner, White Horse Capital

Sam Gordon
Founder, Gordon & Eden

Ross Williams
CEO, Venntro Media Group

Guy Tolhurst
Group CEO, Indagate Group

Karine Robinson
CEO, Robinson Hambro Ltd

Rus Shaw
Founder, Tech London Advocates & Global Tech Advocates

Stuart Lucas
Executive Chairman, Asset Match Limited

Jack Bartlett
Co-founder, accel8

Cherif Abdel-Hadi
Co-founder and CEO, Apricot

Marc Brownridge
Board Member, EISA

Rajeeb Dey
Founder and CEO, Learnerbly

Alison Liege
CEO, Alison at home

Sean Ramden
Founder and CEO, Ramsden International

Charis Sfyrakis
CEO, Algomo

Lance Forman
Owner, Forman & Field

Michael Nabarro
Co-Founder and CEO, Spektrix Ltd

Sandip Gangakhedkar
Co-founder and CTO, Imperium Drive

Alastair Paterson
CEO, Digital Shadows

Apurva Chitnis
CEO, SideTrack

Meri Beckwith
Co-Founder, Lindus Health

Dana Denis Smith
CEO, Obelisk Support

Ben Southwood
Principal Investigator, Creating Streets

Daniel Prior
Director of Research, The Adam Smith Institute

John Myers
Founder, London YIMBY

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