Officials investigate non-credible threats against high schools in Brandon, Lake Orion and Oxford


OAKLAND COUNTY, Mich. – Officials are investigating after threats were made against three Oakland County schools. The threats were deemed not credible, according to investigators.

The threats were made by telephone before noon and targeted Brandon, Lake Orionand Oxford high schools, detectives believe the calls originated from the Florida and New York state area codes.

Additional patrols were assigned to Oxford High School after the threats were made. Detectives said high schools in Lake Orion and Brandon also received similar calls.

“We will put all necessary resources to investigate threats against any school, business or place of worship,” Bouchard said. “We have a request pending before the Oakland County Board of Commissioners for additional personnel to investigate the threats and coordinate a countywide response.”

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Oxford High School Threats

The Oxford High School caller claimed to be the former student accused of killing four students and injuring seven others in the Nov. 30 shooting. Officials said the caller used a fake British accent and threatened to shoot students.

On a second call, the caller had a fake Indian accent and also threatened to shoot students at the school. When asked where he was, the caller said they were at school. Police said minors could be heard laughing in the background.

The school official said law enforcement was contacted and the call ended. A third call was answered by a sheriff’s school resource deputy, the caller threatened to come and slap the deputy if anyone hung up on him. Officials said miners could be heard laughing in the background.

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Brandon High School and Lake Orion High School threats

Officials said someone called Brandon High School and said there was a man in a black van in the parking lot with an AR-15 gun and threatened to shoot the school.

Detectives called the number back and asked where the person was. He declined to give his location. Detectives confirmed the same phone number was used to call and threaten Lake Orion High School

“All threats are taken very seriously, whether they are intended to complete the act or not,” Bouchard said. “All applicable charges will be sought to bring these perpetrators to justice. This is not a joke.”

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