NOTICE: Why is Quixote Club sending business to Sumter?


Quixote Club is coming to Sumter!

Wow! Congratulations to Gregg and Lewis Thompson. (These two guys are the best.)

This club will put Sumter on the golf map along with Myrtle Beach and other clubs in the state.

Although it will be a “private club”, players from all over the state and country will come to Sumter, which will benefit the club (town) and the local economy of Sumter. It’s always good to have people (guests) to visit Sumter from the surrounding areas and from all over the state, maybe other states.

It is a great way to show the benefits of living, working and playing golf in Sumter. Where else can you go in mid-February with temperatures in the 60s and 70s?

I came to Sumter in 1968 – played most of my golf at the old Pocalla Springs golf course. Really because it was close to my job at Campbell Soup. I decided to retire in Sumter (as most would say). I loved Sumter and the great people.

I really don’t understand why the Quixote Club has a reciprocal agreement with the Columbia and Florence golf clubs to have their members play while Quixote is over (one year). My question is, why send your members out to golf 80 kilometers when Sumter has two of the best courses around? Lakewood and Beech Creek, both in great shape, with exceptional owners and management – Lakewood, Jimmy Huggins (owner), Jay Huggins (superintendent) and Kaye Huggins (staff) and Beech Creek, Ken Rosefield (owner).

My concern is that I felt like I was supporting your local businesses. Well, both of these courses are local businesses, which pay local taxes, just like your other local businesses. Why send companies out of town? As a member of Lakewood since 1989 (31 years old) he is at his best. Local businesses need local support!

Hope this doesn’t offend any of my friends at Sunset, now Quixote.

Keep up the good work, Gregg and Lewis. Hope I can play your course someday!




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