Michigan Teacher Union uses public shame, intimidation and


Anytime you hear a leftist whining about something, it almost certainly means it’s what they’re doing, and they’re just trying to turn away from their nasty behavior. The Michigan Capitol Confidential gave us an excellent Example this side.

Have you ever heard of a person named Paula Herbart? Paula is an extremely wealthy woman who earns hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars every year, paid directly by Michigan taxpayers to teachers and then to her. She is president of the Michigan Education Association (MEA) and earns about a quarter of a million dollars a year.

She recently got upset because parents found out what she, the Michigan Department of Education, school authorities, and many teachers were doing to their children. When they found out what she and many of their members were doing and wanting to do to their children, these parents began to attend these school board meetings and share their feelings.

Well, as we all know, bullies don’t like to be confronted, especially when you use their tactics against them. Ms. Herbart, a wealthy taxpayer, was not happy with all these worried parents and said:

“Public shame, bullying and bullying have no place in our society, especially when it comes to dedicated educators and volunteer school board members committed to student success.”

This is not what happens at these school board meetings. Asking these members to be responsible for the psychological damage they cause to children is what parents should do. I have yet to see a good example of a school board member being publicly humiliated, bullied, or bullied. Are they out there I’m sure there are a few, but I haven’t seen or heard of any yet and it all comes down to your definition of public shame, bullying, and bullying. bullying. This is what the left has been doing all last year and continues to do this year with all who love America. I agree with her if that happened. Her problem is that she and the MEA should follow their own words and keep pace. Let us remind the wealthy taxpayer Herbart what she and her union have authorized and done in the past to her own members who pay her a very rich salary.

When some members disliked the work she and the MEA did for them and wanted to leave the union, wealthy taxpayer Herbart began to publicly humiliate, intimidate and intimidate them.

Here is how the Michigan Capitol Confidential Put the:

Public shame: When union members chose not to belong and pay union dues, many MEA affiliates posted their names on lists in canteens, teachers’ lounges and on the Internet. newsletters.

Intimidation: When unionized employees withdrew and stopped paying their dues after the right to work came into effect, the MEA sought to ruin their credit by reporting non-payment of contributions (which are no longer mandatory) to the credit bureaus. The union also paid collection agencies to use bill collection practices against former union members who chose not to pay the union, as permitted by law, and therefore owed no union dues.

In another case, a local president interrupted a teacher’s class when she delivered a letter stating that she had not paid the dues, that she had no obligation to pay. Some union members were also for follow-up for non-payment of contributions by the AEM despite the law on the right to work.

Bullying: Former MEA chairman Steve Cook used name calling when he repeatedly referred to former union members who stepped down as “pickers” in media interviews. Other premises MEA unions followed suit. “

I think that covers him, doesn’t it.

Excuse me Paula, you were talking about public humiliation, intimidation and intimidation.

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