Lorain shows tenacity in win over Maple Heights – Morning Journal


Lorain came into their competition against Maple Heights looking to win back-to-back after a narrow win over Shaw in their last game on Jan. 28.

The Titans (6-10) fired up in the second half, earning a 53-45 win over the Mustangs (7-7). Jordan Daniels had key shots throughout the contest, scoring 18 points and grabbing seven boards, including a three-pointer from right wing just before halftime that began to bring the Titans to life.

“It was one of our best games of the season,” Daniels said. “The way we bounced the ball and everyone was going to the hoop, I loved that. That’s what we have to do every game. »

Asiah Kilian drained a three from the corner in her second game back from injury and hit two of Lorain’s four threes and 19 points, including a triple from the top of the key with 4:30 remaining in the game. Junior winger Christian Ruiz had a double-double with 10 points and 10 rebounds. The Mustangs were led by 14 points from senior Dave Miller.

It was still a battle for this Lorraine team as the state tournament begins in a few weeks, trailing at the end of the first three quarters and only leading three times during the contest.

“Our coach preaches to us to always fight on the pitch, and if we don’t, we’ll be in trouble. It’s great to win this game,” Daniels said.

After leading 9-6 and 20-19 in the first two periods, Lorain came back strong to open the second half. A minute and twenty into the third quarter, Israel Amerson fired an easy shot off a pass from Ruiz to take his first lead since four minutes into the first quarter.

Shortly after, Daniels picked up a steal and a foul to go up 23-20. As he missed the one-and-one, he grabbed the rebound and quickly rolled the ball back into the hoop for four runs within six seconds of the Titans elder.

Lorain coach Matthew Kielian credited the team’s tenacity in their effort to come back strong after the three-change momentum before the third quarter.

“We kept fighting and we knew what we had to do to be successful, we’re only growing. We’re trying to improve and do what we’re supposed to do. When we do the right things, good things happen. produce,” said Matthew Kielian.

That toughness was key after falling behind late in the third quarter on a monster snap from Dave Miller in the final seconds and heading into the final eight minutes. Daniels sank another field goal 45 seconds into the fourth period to set Lorain up for good as the Titans went on a 7-0 run to come back 41-34.

Daniels froze the game with 2:54 left on his second three, as Lorain took a 48-36 advantage.

“We are definitely not satisfied,” said coach Kielian. “We have a lot to learn and at the moment it’s not about winning or losing. It’s about continuing to improve, playing together, being united, having resilience and showing responsibility. If we have all these things, we can be successful.


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