John Engen appears on KGVO’s Talk Back on Reelection Bid


On Wednesday’s KGVO Talk Back, Mayor John Engen ran for re-election for his fifth term and answered questions from appellants.

Engen was first asked about his take on tackling COVID 19, particularly in Missoula.

“We are not in a position according to the legislator to impose masks or certainly vaccinations, so I just say like a human being to another who has seen the consequences, if you have not been vaccinated, if he Please. do it, ”Engen said. “And please, if you are not vaccinated or if you are in a situation where you are susceptible or someone in your life is susceptible, wearing the mask can’t hurt.”

A caller asked Engen if, in a perfect world, he had the power to require a vaccination card before he was allowed to receive services at a local business, Engen replied.

“Thank you Alain,” he said. “It turns out my job is to be there and make decisions. I try to make these decisions with a lot of information and not in a vacuum. But I think the idea of ​​having proof of vaccination to get services in public places is a good idea.

Engen was questioned several times during the hour-long conversation about housing issues and the policies of his administration.

“The most impactful things we can do are politics, and so this market-based housing policy calls for housing production targets,” he said. “And those goals range from; it really is nut soup. From people who are not housed today, to the elderly who need help and a particular type of housing, and everything in between.

To conclude the conversation, an interlocutor asked the mayor about his personal journey through his treatment for alcoholism, and he did not hesitate to respond.

“I’ll celebrate five years of sobriety on the 25th of this month, two days before my 57th birthday,” he said. “It’s difficult, but there are so many people who are affected by drug addiction. But I quickly discovered that I was and that I was not alone.

Engen is running for his fifth term as mayor against political newcomer Jacob Elder.

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