Janice Deccio, new member of the Yakima council, elected new mayor


She is a new member of Yakima city council and now she is the new mayor of Yakima.

Deccio was elected mayor as the first council member

Janice Deccio was elected mayor of Yakima town on Tuesday after being sworn in to represent District 4 on council. Other new board members were also sworn in on Tuesday, including Matt Brown in District 6 and Danny Herrera in District 2. Former mayor Patricia Byers served for two years.

Council members also chose a deputy mayor

Soneya Lund was elected deputy mayor.
The council also voted on Tuesday to continue meeting in a new format that allows people to attend in person or watch on Zoom.

Don’t forget your mask if you show up in person

People attending meetings at Yakima Town Hall will need to wear a mask.
It had been a long time since the council decided to let people attend in person.
The city started hosting remote meetings in March 2020.

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