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The Lochlan Horstman powerlifter is an inspiration.

LE CARNET DE NYREE with Nyree Johnson

If you step out of your world and take two steps left or right and really look around, you will find talent and achievement throughout our region.

People do amazing things in the course of their daily lives, and although most of us never really know what it takes to accomplish, outside of our own experiences and accomplishments, we can appreciate and celebrate the strength, courage and commitment to just grab opportunities and run with them.

This week I would like to introduce a young man, Lochlan Horstman. I met this amazing boy when he was only three years old, and watched him grow up and bring light, love and care to those who are privileged to know him.

A quiet successor who would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it. Lochie is mature beyond his years and a true gentleman. He has found what enlightens him and outside of school commitments, spends his time training and competing in the sport of powerlifting.

As a young child, Lochie always had a passion for weights because he wanted to be a strong man and follow the path of Eddie Hall or Brian Shaw, two of the biggest names in the sport of strong men.

With great and inspiring men to admire, when Lochie was officially cleared to train in his school’s gym, Heights College, he hung straight in and trained hard. This only happened a little over a year ago, when Lochie was 13, now 15.

My beautiful friend, Christie Horstman, and her husband, Richard Simpson, were inexperienced in the sport and worried that Lochie would lift a weight that was far too heavy for his age. With the help of a personal trainer and a lifting specialist, Joshua Johnston of Empowered Lifestyle and Coaching began working with Lochie. Comments and reactions circulated to Lochie’s parents and all said he was the strongest 13-year-old boy we’ve ever seen.

Lochie is now working with Shaun Housman of Scrutiny Strength and Conditioning, where he started participating in lifting competitions in his gym. By scoring goals and breaking records, his strength was indeed discovered and ready to be seen by the world. He joined the GPC (Global Powerlifting Committee) and started participating in national competitions when possible and while navigating border closures.

Lochie broke eight national records for his age (13-15) and weight class in just over a year.

On Sunday, December 5, Lochie competed in his last powerlifting competition for 2021 in Mackay, the GPC National Push / Pull, where he benched 140kg. This not only set a new national record, but an unofficial world record. He then moved on to the 210kg deadlift, breaking another national record and to top it off he won the gold medal in his weight class.

This young man is truly amazing! His constant determination and discipline are inspiring.

With borders now open, Lochie hopes to compete in more national competitions in the south in 2022 so that he can compete with international referees, a qualification required for his world record to be officially recognized.

Lochie shares his thoughts and recently said: “The sport of powerlifting has changed my life and it is getting more and more popular so I hope it will one day be part of the Olympics so that I can compete in my country. original. It’s a great sport to play and I encourage people to give it a try. I like going to the gym and I like competing. I am very lucky to be able to do what I love and to be supported by my parents. I am also working with a local company on the production of my own sportswear brand LOCHEDONLIFTING, which arrives in 2022 and will be available on my Instagram page.

Did someone say Brisbane 2032?

If you want to stay on top of what’s going on with Lochie, you can follow him on Instagram @lochedonlifting.

When inspiring people do amazing things, we all take notes and observe, learn and listen. It’s not very often that we have the opportunity to move on to a good thing before the rest of the world realizes what we have in our garden. Let’s support this young man from Rockhampton with a bright future because it’s just the start for him.

I love the movies coming out right now, telling stories about the great people in our world and our history. Stories that show the trials and triumphs of their journey to success. I admit they’re overdramatized for entertainment purposes, but I still enjoy the story and the message behind them. One movie I can’t wait to release in January is King Richard, the story of Serena and Venus Williams, tennis superstars who blazed an unknown path to get to where they are today.

I wouldn’t really qualify as a sports fan apart from Supercars and Tae Kwon Do, my two loves. But I have an appreciation and a deep respect for the strength, consistency, teamwork, determination and discipline it takes to be successful in a chosen field. Family, community and friendship, which come with sport, sports teams and coming together, are essential to me.

I’m not ashamed to say that I’ll show up to a Grand Final game or barbecue, for example, not even knowing what sport or teams we’re watching because I’m just here to be with my friends and family. . In saying this, I really appreciate our local sports clubs and groups because of what they offer to the community, which simply cannot be replicated in any other way: family, friendship and connection.


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