High school student’s threat unfounded, says Bergen County District Schools Chief


An alleged threat made by a Bergen County high school student has proven to be unfounded, authorities said.

A Ramapo High School student’s threat to classmates last week was investigated by Franklin Lakes Police and the Ramapo Indian Hills Regional School District administration, they said.

They found there was “no immediate danger to members of our school community”, the superintendent of schools said. says Rui Dionisio.

District officials nevertheless “took the threats very seriously and acted on them, using school system resources to immediately remedy the situation by expelling the student and providing the necessary resources to the student and his or her family,” Dionisio wrote in a letter to the community.

Authorities did not discuss the nature of the threat, which allegedly involved a “blacklist” of dozens of classmates at Ramapo High, which serves about 1,270 students from Franklin Lakes, Oakland and Wyckoff.

School officials would generally not inform the community in such circumstances, Dionisio noted. However, he said, social media posts necessitated clarification.

This had to be “balanced against what is permitted by privacy and privacy concerns for individual students,” the superintendent stressed.

“As parents, you can help us,” Dionisio added. “Please talk to your child and encourage them to tell a teacher or administrator if there is a situation that could put them or others at risk and the importance of school safety and acceptable behavior.

“While peer pressure is strong at this age, we want to encourage students to feel comfortable reporting any information they may have that compromises their safety and the safety of others. By working together as a tight-knit school community we can maintain an environment where students are free to focus on learning.

“As always, we welcome your feedback and questions. Please contact your building administrator or your child’s grade level if you have any concerns.”

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