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Murphy on West Ham’s woes

Former Premier League footballer Danny Murphy has weighed in on West Ham’s poor start to the season.

Murphy says that after acquiring big names in the summer transfer window, boss David Moyes needs to release the handbrake if he is to get the most out of his squad.

The Hammers have just one league win in seven, losing five times and playing a draw against Tottenham.

Murphy told talkSPORT: “The way West Ham play, which has been consistent and has brought them success, has to involve if they want to bring in new people like Paqueta because they need the ball.

“He’s not particularly someone you’re going to see the best of if he plays in a team that gives up teams and plays against and sits deep because they went to Everton and they gave them too much respect.

“I know they’re hard to beat and I know they’re working on a good footing, he [Moyes] always has, so you can’t throw that out the window, but there are certain games against certain opponents where you can be a bit more on the front foot.

“If you’re going to sign Cornet, Paqueta, people like Scamacca, I think they have to be a bit more adventurous and try to play a bit more on the front foot.

“Last season what they did was phenomenal, but they were a bit of a surprise to everyone. I don’t think too many people expected them to do as well as they expected them to do. ‘did.

“I think the other teams have now, as always, seen the way they play and have adapted when they now play at West Ham, gave them a bit more respect.

“I think it doesn’t help the situation because it’s a change when you come up against opposition who respect you now.”

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