Does Oregon Qualify For The Playoffs? Everything is mental now …


Regardless of what some Oregon fans think of the 2021 football team after the choppy win over Arizona, the Ducks are now n ° 3 in the nation in both polls. Some of us don’t think we’re the third best college team in the country, but only good enough to win this week, that’s all. It’s a confusing performance margin between winning at Columbus and barely beating Arizona. Do you still think this team can make the Playoffs?

For me, it’s all mental now.

The majority of Oregon’s 20 sports websites report news, interviews, and what the coaches have to say. TO FishDuck, we like to express our opinions in articles and ponder the opinions of others in comments. Well that and we like to do scans on occasion, and I’m grateful to Coach Boles to provide these items. But this season will stand or fall on how players apply those X’s and Os internally, in my opinion. How? ‘Or’ What, when and belief in their success make or break this season.

Many would laugh at the idea that it is all mental now do the playoff, because there is so much technique learning that can only be learned in training and in games. Muscle memory is created from these reps, and I’m not ignoring this component because with such a young team in so many places, these things must to be learned by experience.

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Bennett Williams epitomizes the growth of Oregon players.

I guess there is some growth in young guns, as we have already seen evidence in players such as Bennett williams on defense, with Terrance Ferguson and Moliki Matavao in attack. It’s amazing how quickly these three went from being a no-name to catching touchdowns and being named. National Defensive Player of the Week. This evolution of players will continue to occur.

But the mental side is what will determine the path of this team, whether they come out with the swagger and swagger of the team that beat Ohio State, or internalize that. nothing less than their best will again result in losses for Cal and the State of Oregon. Will they see themselves as the underdog to make the playoffs – the team that fights, grooves, kicking and claws their path to victory regardless of getting an opponent’s best shot?

That is to say an attitude my friends. It makes all the difference in the world, and it is all mental.

This is the only way to survive the Pac-12 challenge, as we don’t always play consistently as a team. Coaches may not always have the best game plan or the best training decisions during a game. Faced with these obstacles … to what extent these young people do you want it?

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This is the first time this has happened… really?

Sometimes they play inspired, and at other times they are full of themselves. When a defensive back Duck parties and barks at the receiver, when he had nothing to do with an incomplete pass by a drop or a bad throw … what kind of culture is this? What would an Oregon receiver think he could say’ a defender and spin the ball after a capture unless he was allowed to do so in practice?

How can we have such a brilliant game plan against the Buckeyes, yet awkward offensive performances that suck the energy of Autzen’s loyalists?

My point is that dichotomies prevail with the Ducks, and I don’t think that will change much after a third of the season has made him part of the fabric of the squad. It will be one of the most exciting, frustrating and fascinating teams to watch in Oregon football history. This team could reach new heights, or could crash and burn.

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Advocates gather for a bowel check, with so many more to do …

This is why I say that everything is mental, because their approach and their attitudes will determine their destiny. What an incredible drama to watch unfold! Who needs reality TV when it’s all about the football field? How? ‘Or’ What will are they approaching the rest of the season?

“Oh, how we like to think about Our beloved ducks! “

Charles Fischer (Mr. FishDuck)
Eugene, Oregon
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