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25 years ago – 1997

Morton County’s first baby of 1997 was born on Friday January 3 at Medcenter One in Bismarck. Kathy Reiter’s son greeted the New Year, weighing 5 pounds, 14 ounces.

North Collins Shop-n-Go, formerly the Gibbs Store, has new owners Mandan, Doug and Susie Kocourek. In addition to their current jobs and raising three children, the couple spends their remaining “free time” at the store. Doug is vice president of the First Bank in Southwest Mandan, while Susie is the program coordinator for the Bis-Man Chamber of Commerce. The store manager is Del Wetsch who has grocery store experience working with his father, Frank, at the Circle Foods store on Main Street. Wetsch is also involved in the Mandan Progress Organization.

Bill’s Super Valu, a business owned by Mandan for over 47 years, has been sold to Steve Barlow, a veteran Minnesota grocer. The store started in Almont in the 1940s before Bill Joersz and his family moved to Mandan and opened Bill’s Super Valu in 1949. When Joersz decided to retire, the store was bought by his three sons, Wally, Marvin and Bob, in 1968. Barlow will officially take over ownership on January 12.

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Main Street Mandan became the site of a new business, Furniture Plaza, at the corner of Main and Second Avenue Northwest. The company offers four types of furniture under one roof: classic oak, a leather collection, a sleep center and “Rooms to Go”. The owners are Pat and Angela Schleicher from Mandan.

Weather recorded on Friday January 7: a maximum of 16 degrees above zero; 4 below for the bottom.

50 years ago – 1972

Mandan can claim double winners for 1972 first baby births. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Markel Jr., of the Mandan campaign became the winners of the 1972 annual First Baby Contest in Bismarck when their baby boy was born on January 1 . at 12:58 am at Saint-Alexis hospital. The grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Joe Markel Sr., and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Kary, all of Mandan. Across the river, Mandan’s first baby of 1972 was born on January 3 at Mandan Hospital where a daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Harold Burch of the Mandan countryside.

Golden Agers, Mrs. Julia Wetsch of Liberty Heights and Andrew Kraft, 406 Third St. NE, were married on December 27 at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, with Reverend Charles Backes as officiant. The couple were assisted by Mrs. Leonard Leingang, daughter of the bride, and Norman Beyl, son-in-law of the groom. Over 50 guests attended a wedding dinner hosted in the dining room of the Lewis & Clark Hotel.

Four highway fatalities in North Dakota on New Year‘s Eve brought the final highway death toll in 1971 to a record 227. The previous record was set in 1966 with 209 fatalities.

75 years ago – 1947

Mandan’s first baby in 1947 reported to the Daily Pioneer was a daughter, born to Mr. and Mrs. Anton A. Wetsch, in St. Anthony, Thursday, Jan. 1 at Deaconess Hospital. Dr Harry Wheeler was the attending physician. As well as being the first baby born in Mandan this year, she is also the first child of Mr. and Mrs. Wetsch.

“Capping” exercises for the new class of nurses at St. Alexius Hospital in Bismarck took place on Jan. 4, according to Sister Mary Catherine, director of nursing. The girls entered training in September and the term “capping” indicates the end of their preclinical training. Two local girls received exercise nurse caps: Dolores Frank and Loretta Rothschiller, both from Mandan. Marie Buckman of New Salem is also a member of the “capped” class.

A 6-cent increase in the price of adult movie tickets to the Mandan Theater was announced this week. The new price of 45 cents per ticket takes effect this weekend.

Births announced this week: boys born to Mr. and Mrs. Harry Rahn, Hebron, and Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Freise, New Salem. Daughters were born to Mr. and Mrs. Bennie Renner, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bryce, and Mr. and Mrs. Magne Syvrud, all of Mandan; to Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Thomas, Fort Rice; and Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wetzel and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Gietzen, both of Glen Ullin.

In a rematch of the December 29 basketball game in which the Mandan Elks beat the Mandan High School alumni, 41-40, the word “rough” could be used to describe the clashes in which the elders, made up of college men at home on vacation, gunned down Team Elks at the Memorial Building on Saturday, January 6. It had been a “clean” battle with no infractions in the first three quarters, but that scene quickly changed in the closing minutes of the match when the match became exciting for the spectators and frustrating for the referees. Between the two teams a total of 49 fouls were all called in the fourth quarter as players appeared to switch to football tactics of chopping, stacking, holding, false starts and more. Sportsmanship became a memory of the past until the bells rang, the final score: MHS alumni, 40; Mandan Elks, 28 years old. The exhausted officials were: Ferderer and Helbling.

The men with the most points for the elders were: Buck Eckroth with 16 points; followed by Gene Eckroth, 9, and Bob Jensen and Art Brazda, 6 points each. Eight members of the Elks team contributed the points, the top scorers being: Wally Uhlman, 9; followed by Paul Valder, Bill Heisler and Adam Geiger, with 4 points each.

100 years ago – 1922

“The first baby born in Mandan on the New Year’s Eve 1922 arrived just as the whistles began fairly well to their hoarse salute, shortly after midnight. It was learned today that a girl was born Sunday morning, January 1, at 12:02 am to Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Stoltz of Second Street NE The father of the New Year’s baby is a store clerk from the North Pacific.

“The mercury in Mandan thermometers fell to 25 degrees below zero in the early morning of January 5th. On only one occasion has the temperature been colder this winter. It was 26 degrees below zero on December 24.

“HC Kinzel, owner of the Kinzel taxi line and vulcanization business, has purchased a seven-passenger Hudson passenger car that he will put on the Bismarck-Mandan intercity service.

“City and county officials are looking for clues leading to the arrest of thieves who searched gas tanks at the Northwestern Oil Company plant on East Main Street. According to WE Dopking, director of the oil agency, thieves forced open the front door of the gas shed and removed 180 gallons of gasoline, taking them in several cans, drums and other containers stolen from the grounds of the business. The total loss is estimated at $ 75.

“Records from County Judge BW Shaw’s office show a decrease of 89 marriage licenses issued in 1921, compared to 1,920 records. There were 133 issued in 1921; 222 were issued in 1920. In 1919, after the end of the war, the county record was broken when 299 marriage licenses were issued.

125 years ago – 1897

“At 2:30 pm on Thursday, January 7, the thermometer read 31 degrees above zero.

“The first new moon of 1897 manifested itself on the night of Sunday January 3.

“Last Sunday’s snowstorm made church congregations miserably small that evening.

Tour. J. Byers, the recently called pastor of the Presbyterian Church, was on one of the late passenger trains arriving from the east on Wednesday evening. He will take up his office duties this Sunday. and preach in the morning at 11 a.m. and in the evening at 7:30 a.m.

“Tuesday, January 5 was the opening day of the fifth legislative session of this state. In the House, there were only 44 members present out of a total of 62, due to a blizzard in the eastern half of the state. However, the remaining members took the opportunity to come together and organized to vote EA Williams as chairman and then elected a full corps of officers. Members of the Senate also met, but after learning of Miss Stella Briggs’s death, an adjournment was taken out of respect for Governor-elect Frank Briggs, who was due to be sworn in tomorrow, Friday.

“The funeral was held yesterday for Olio James Morck, 29, who died of lung problems, at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. OA Morck. “Jim” Morck was born in Chicago, Illinois, and came to Mandan with his parents in 1881. Funerals were held in Norwegian and English at the Scandinavian Lutheran Church. The internment took place at Greenwood Cemetery.

“The monthly summary published by the Bismarck Meteorological Office shows that the average temperature for the month of December was 19 degrees, one degree higher than in 1895. The highest temperature during the month was 46 degrees on the 11th. , and the lowest was 23 below zero on the 2nd. Only 0.03 inches of precipitation was recorded for December. By comparison, more than 3 inches were recorded in November.

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