Deadline Detroit | More than 100 Metro Detroit students are part of new Covid “clusters” in 25 schools


This pandemic is only continuing as we enter another month of its second year. School epidemics, tracked weekly by the state, are on the rise again in the Detroit tri-county area.

Class scene last month in Ann Arbor, which reports eight new cases at two elementary schools. (Photo of the neighborhood)

At least 102 students are among those newly diagnosed in 25 public and private schools, compared with at least 57 new cases of Metro Detroit students in 15 buildings a week earlier.

The latest total of students positive for Covid could be several dozen more as 52 cases last week belong to a combined category of staff and students. Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties have more than a quarter of the state’s 592 new “outbreak” cases, which refer to at least three cases in a building.

Monday’s list includes two Detroit schools:

♦ Central High in the Dexter-Linwood area, where 15 students were infected

♦ Bates Academy, an elementary school on Wyoming Avenue near 8 Mile, which reports 16 student cases

Riverside Middle School in Dearborn has the third highest number – a dozen new Covid patients among students and staff.

Eight other Wayne schools also have new clusters, with a total of 86 county-wide cases since last Monday.

Oakland has 34 cases in 7 schools, as well as four staff assigned to the Clarkston Schools administration building. Macomb has 31 cases in seven public schools.

In addition to the two locations in Detroit and one in Dearborn mentioned above, these local schools are listed:

High school students in Indianapolis (Photo: Chalkbeat / Aaricka Washington)


  • Canton of Canton: Liberty High School, 10 students
  • Wayne Memorial High: 8 students
  • Woodhaven: Yake Elementary, 6 students and staff
  • Plymouth: Notre-Dame du Bon Conseil parish school, 6 primary school students
  • Plymouth: West Middle School, 4 students
  • Taylor High: 3 students and staff
  • Canton of Canton: Discovery College, 3 students
  • Ink pad: Hicks Elementary, 3 students


  • Walled lake: St. Williams Catholic School, 7 middle and 3 elementary students
  • Madison Heights High: 6 students from the encouragement team
  • Bloomfield Hills: Brookside Lower School (Cranbrook), 6 elementary school students
  • Troy: Elementary Morse, 3 students
  • Wixom: Look Lake Elementary, 3 students
  • Commune of Commerce: Walled Lake Western High, 3 students and staff
  • Clarkston: Independence Elementary, 3 students and staff


  • Fraser: Emerson Elementary, 9 students and staff
  • Utic High: 5 students
  • Sterling heights: Holden Elementary: 4 students and staff
  • Warren: Warren Woods Tower High, 4 students
  • Township of Clinton: Huron Elementary, 3 students
  • Township of Washington: Indian Hills Elementary: 3 students and staff
  • Shores of Sainte-Claire: Rodgers Elementary: 3 students and staff

The weekly list of the Department of Health and Social Services combines data for “epidemics” and “clusters”, which it defines as follows: for cases where a definitive exposure link has not been established.


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