Burglaries and property crimes in Yakima keep police busy


Yakima police say the department’s property crime unit is one of the busiest units in the city because many people fall victim to burglaries.

Two major burglaries this month add to numerous police investigations

Home and business burglaries keep officers busy 7 days a week, says Capt. Jay Seely. Last week, police announced a major burglary at the Washington State Fish and Wildlife Offices reported on January 2. The burglar stole 19 firearms after drilling a hole in the side of the building to gain access to the area where the weapons were stored for evidence. Police have identified a suspect in the burglary but no arrests have been made.

The Sporthaus ski and tennis store was hit early on Saturday morning

On Saturday, Jan. 22, police say burglars broke into the Sporthaus ski and tennis store at 4104 Summitview. Sporthaus officials say it appears the burglars smashed the windows in the front door. They then wrapped a chain around the doors and opened them with a vehicle. Once inside, they stole specific items including sunglasses, mittens and clothing.
Seely says it’s common for burglars to use stolen vehicles to open doors or crash into stores to access items inside. Because burglars damaged the front doors, people are asked to use a side door to enter the Sporthaus.

Last year, police arrested a 30-year-old man for a series of burglaries at businesses

Late last year, Yakima police arrested a 30-year-old man for a series of downtown burglaries. Authorities say Yakima’s Steven Adams was arrested for robbing the North Town Coffee House, Antojitos Snack Bar and Yakima Steak Company.
Police are urging businesses to consider installing security cameras that will help police identify or suspect or suspect.
Sporthaus officials are asking people to look for new mittens, coats and other new clothes on social media and report any problems to the police.

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