Billionaire who grew up in Endwell now buys land in Idaho


Endwell native Thomas Tull has spent millions of dollars to acquire thousands of acres of pristine wilderness in what is called a “land grab”.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the billionaire businessman who now lives in the Pittsburgh area has been buying land in eastern Idaho late last year.

According to history, over 7,000 acres have been purchased by Tull and entities related to him. The land in the Teton Valley is south of Yellowstone National Park.

The Journal reported that realtors put the total cost of the acquisitions at $ 65 million.

The newspaper article said that some people who live in the area have expressed concerns about someone owning so much land. Some residents are apparently not happy with the increase in activity, including truck traffic, as they have noticed since acquiring the land.

A spokesperson for Tull, 51, told the Journal that most of the land was to be set aside for private use and that no major development projects were planned.

According to the newspaper, plans filed with the county call for the construction of a half-timbered lodge, main house, five-bedroom guesthouse, one-bedroom cabin, an equipment storage building and a stable with a riding arena.

Tull graduated from Maine-Endwell High School in 1988. He operated a few businesses in Broome County before founding Legendary Entertainment.

Thomas Tull at Endwell in April 2016 (Photo: Roger Neel / WNBF News)

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