Are some of the best beaches in America here in New York?


Memorial Day weekend isn’t that far away, and many are eagerly waiting for our beaches to start responsing for another season. With so many choices in the regions, it can be a bit overwhelming for some. But if you’re planning a day trip, you might want to consider some of New York’s best beaches. If you think you have to travel all the way to Florida or California for some of the best ocean spots in the country, think again.

You’ve probably heard of these beaches

Travel + Leisure ranked 25 of the best beaches in the country, and it looks like the Empire State had two spots that made the illustrious list. Maybe this will be your next Memorial Weekend destination, if you can beat the crowds? Travel + Leisure ranked Rockaway Beach in Queens and Coney Island Beach in Brooklyn as two of the best places in the top 25.

Other northeast beaches

But if you’ve been to both pots before and want something different, you don’t have to go too long, dad. The publication also placed Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester, Crystal Lake State Park in Vermont, Asbury Park Beach in New Jersey and Ocean Beach Park in New London, CT in the top 25 as well.

Send a message maybe?

If you had to write about your life or the current state of things around the world in 2022 for someone to read years later, what would you write?

You sometimes hear of messages written in a bottle, which are left adrift in the ocean and discovered years later. This has been going on for several centuries. The soldiers threw messages into the water before being deployed. Sometimes the message is only a few years old and the bottle never really travels that far. Other times, the message can clearly sail across the ocean. And sometimes it can just be a hoax.

According to a Facebook post, a young student’s post was found after 11 years at sea. The class, from Brockport, NY, said the bottles went into the ocean as part of a class in 2011. The teacher who wrote the post said a woman in the Bahamas discovered the bottle on a beach and then contacted the school district by email. It’s a 1,100 mile journey.

The notes were written by students as part of a 4th grade class project at Fred Hill Intermediate School in 2011. The student who wrote the post is now a junior at Penn State.

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