7-year-old boy brings BB gun mistaken for a real gun to Pocalla Springs elementary school


A 7-year-old who brought a ball gun to his elementary school in Sumter on Wednesday that people mistook for a real gun has been handed over to his parents.

Deputies from the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office responded to Pocalla Springs Elementary School on Bethel Church Road around 4 p.m. on May 22 after the deputy principal received reports that a student had a gun on the campus, according to an incident report.

The educator learned that the child had a gun in his backpack and was boarding a school bus. She found what looked like a gun in the backpack and pulled the boy off the bus, according to the report.

The weapon turned out to be an airsoft pistol which looked like a real firearm.

Adrienne Sarvis, information officer at the sheriff’s office, said the student did not threaten anyone with the pellet gun and another student alerted school officials at the end of the day school.

“The pellet gun was taken from the student by a deputy in the sheriff’s office, and the student was sent home with his parents,” she said. “The student will be disciplined in accordance with the Sumter School District Code of Conduct, according to the school district.”


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