4 suspects free after Sumter robbery, 1 victim shot dead


The Sumter County Sheriff’s Office is looking for four suspects in connection with a Thursday shooting on West Patricia Drive.

On the night of Oct. 13, several individuals lured two victims to meet at a residence along West Patricia Drive linked to prostitution and drugs, according to Major Randall Stewart of the Sheriff’s Office. After the victims arrived and the offer of drugs and sex, three gunmen robbed the victims at gunpoint, he said.

Cash and mobile phones were seized, and when a victim refused to allow them to take his vehicle, shots were fired. One of the victims was struck repeatedly in the face, abdomen and leg; the victim is currently in critical condition, according to Stewart.

With help from the community and identification of the victims, the sheriff’s office identified six suspects. Two suspects, Tahjae Franklin, 17, and a 16-year-old woman were taken into custody.

Four suspects remain at large but have been named: Diamond Briana Miller, 18, Cryshaun Nermoe McKenzie, 17, Semieon Zaire Helton-Hill, 18, and Jacquante Taymont Montgomery, 22.

Several drive-by shootings have occurred in and around West Patricia Drive in recent months, Stewart said. Several arrests have been made, including a minor linked to the residence and the address of the incident, which was used for previous crimes, is currently abandoned.

Sheriff Anthony Dennis urged the suspects to contact law enforcement and turn themselves in.

Stewart said the sheriff’s office will maintain a patrol presence in these high-crime areas and encouraged the public to continue sharing information “to help remove dangerous suspects from the streets.”


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